SEMA 2024 Registration now open

Registration for SEMA 2024 is now open! The first day to register was April 29th, 2024. Whether you are going as media, an attendee, or an exhibitor, it is time to get your ducks in a row and register for the greatest automotive trade show in the world. I’ve already registered. What are YOU waiting for? Click here! The 2024 SEMA Show runs from November 5th – 8th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Get Your Products on SEMA Builds!

Who would have thought that there is a list of SEMA Show exhibitors who are just giving away spanking new products to be used in your next SEMA project-car? I did. But this does me little help as I’m not an exhibiting company or working on a build for SEMA Show… yet. However, this could be an amazing opportunity for YOU, the builder and, YOU, the vendor.

The benefits of this program are glaringly obvious. FREE STUFF! *clears throat* Um, I mean, you will have the opportunity to enhance your build and try out new products.  (Psst… there’s a link below!)

You can’t sling a dead cat in the Off Road / Truck section of the show without hitting a Warn winch. They are on almost every single build. Name recognition is a great marketing tool. How do people recognize your company’s quality parts? Good reviews and your company’s name on tons of builds.  I often review products for companies and enjoy doing that. *hint, hint* How amazing would it be to see your logo and parts on cars that over 130,000 SEMA Show attendees are looking at and posting all over social media!  Builders are encouraged to check out the list of the 2023 Products for Project-Vehicle Builders Listings frequently. Be on that list! Or of course you can just send me products to review. *wink*

SEMA Scholarships

Did you know that SEMA awards scholarships to help individuals pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket industry? Indeed they do! It is called the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. In 2023, they awarded over 100 scholarships. Scholarships range from $1,00 to $5,000 were awarded to 87 students. Seventeen employees of SEMA-member companies received loan forgiveness loans to pay off their student loans.  Since 1984 more that $3 million dollars have been awarded. One of the primary criteria to be awarded a scholarship is that the applicant must have clearly demonstrated a passion for the automotive industry.

The online application for next year’s program will open in January 2024 at


What is SEMA Fest?

SEMA Fest begins at the end of the 2023 SEMA Show November 3rd & 4th (2023, duh). This 2 day automotive enthusiast-centric festival is open to the general public and is an all ages event. It will be held at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds instead of on the LVCC property where SEMA Ignited took place previously. Yes, it will be in a different location, but fret not, it is within walking distance of the LVCC West hall. It is smack between Circus Circus and The Stratosphere.

Not many details have been released about SEMA Fest but here’s the skinny. There will be ride and drive activities, consumer marketplace (treat yo’self to some swag), Motorcross show, drifting display, off road demos,  concert stages featuring some of the biggest names in music. Details, including cost of admission, to come.

What about SEMA Ignited? This is the new SEMA Ignited. 

My take: It’s the “some of the biggest names in music” that tends to make my eyes roll a bit because I feel like that has been said in the past of SEMA Ignited and the acts were a let down. Acts who have a song I have heard a few times doesn’t fall into that category for me. I’ll be keeping you posted on developments.  Be sure to keep an eye on my social media for more coverage.

SEMA 2022 Review

SEMA 2022 was quite the experience this year! I have to say that I am so happy to report that SEMA 2022 was NOT a replica of SEMA 2021. PHEW! Thank goodness!  There was still a few available spaces, but there were not gaping holes in the middle of the floors like there were the previous year.  

One thing I should mention before I get into my SEMA experience is I was suffering from some sort of vertigo during the entire show. It was the most severe on Tuesday, the first day of the show when I had to sit or lie down a few times because I was literally blacking out. Not cool. I had been ill before I drove down but I had visited my doctor who gave me the green light for the trip.  Basically, my head was spinning the entire time. I lost my voice completely on Wednesday at the end of the show, which was awful for a number of reasons.  The spinning was the bigger issue because it made it very difficult to focus so I was not able to engage (content creation) as much as I wanted to with vendors and celebrities. I do hope that I will be forgiven for that by my friends at SEMA and by my subscribers/followers.   Unfortunately, the dizziness has been a continuing issue but not to worry,  I am seeing doctors about it. There was also a security issue for me this year but that has been addressed with the proper authorities. 

I look forward to SEMA 2023 and will be posting show updates relevant to my audience.


Additions to SEMA Ignited After party 2022

Looks like SEMA Ignited is scrambling to get more people to attend the SEMA afterparty. Having been to SEMA ignited, I can say that is a one time type of experience. I mean, you can watch it over and over if you like watching drifting and Nitro Circus over and over. I initially thought that the show would be changed up to something different every year. My second year at SEMA  proved me wrong. It was the exact same thing. 

So what is different about this year? According to the press release, SEMA Ignited 2022 will be “a combination of a car show, parade, music, food, entertainment, and exhibitions all rolled into what becomes the ultimate automotive celebration”.  I am interested to take a gander at the west parking lot to see what exactly that means.  

 One thing that has been specified is the “globe of death” which is one of the lamest things I have ever taken my kids to go see at a circus in the back parking lot of an unpopular mall. I’m not saying that the drivers of the motorcycles in the globe aren’t doing something dangerous, it’s more that once you understand physics, it’s just not that exciting. 

Just in case you decide that this is something that you want to do, I’ve listed the ticket prices below.

Ticket prices are as follows:

SEMA Ignited Standing Room – $20

SEMA Ignited Reserved Seating – $50

Limited Offer SEMA Ignited Friday Experience – $70 (before Oct 28, 2022) or $100 (after Oct 28,2022)

SEMA 2022 Still opening to public on Friday

SEMA Show has done it again. I’m not talking about anything  that is happily being buzzed about.  I’d say it is more like a low angry buzz of exhibitors and attendees alike who are increasingly unhappy about  the “Friday Experience”. Well what is this Friday Experience that everyone is getting so worked up over? It’s a special badge that non-trade individuals can purchase, starting at $70 and gives them access to the last day of the SEMA Show along with tickets to SEMA Ignited. 

As noted in my article “SEMA 2021… The Beginning Of The End?”, this is a growing concern for Exhibitors and Attendees alike. There are attendees who have waited and paid their dues to be able to qualify for a badge to get in. I feel like I am repeating myself so go read the previous article on why exhibitors aren’t happy.

SEMA 2021... The beginning of the End?

The most recent SEMA Show 2021 was really lacking in many ways. I will tell you that I am no expert but that this is my 3rd SEMA Show to attend and I am sad to say that I was underwhelmed. Not that I didn’t meet wonderful celebrities or new friends, though the list of celebrities was severely lacking from previous years, I did. In fact, I am proud to say that I am now somewhere between acquaintance and friend to some of those in the Kindig circle. Pretty cool. But why was it lacking? It was due to extra long travel distances, builders and vendors pulling out, and the chatter that SEMA members are pushing to make SEMA Show a public show instead of a trade show. Okay, and the lack of automotive celebrities. Let’s attack that first, shall we?

Celebrities! So exciting! Getting to meet the people in the industry who you look up to and admire. Chip Foose, Dave Kindig, Ron Covell, Jay Leno, Gene Winfield, Faye Hadley, and Bogi. You may not be familiar with all of those names, but I am.  I met all of them at SEMA. Faye was MIA this year like many other celebrities as the number of celebrity appearences was drastically lower than the previous show. I literally couldn’t get around to all of the meet and greets in previous years. The most likely culprit to the absences was COVID and the indoor mask mandate that went along with it in Vegas. Not that the mandate mattered too much. After day one, at least 75% if attendees were maskless.  

 The brand spankin’ new  West Exhibition Hall was unveiled this year for the SEMA Show and housed three catagoreies of the show: Restyling & Car Care Accessories, Powersports & Utility Vehicles, and Trucks, SUVs & Off Road. The West Hall was spacious, so spacious, it seemed fairly empty.  This was especially disappointing after walking so far to see everything.  SEMA Show is not for the faint of heart if walking makes you faint, anyway because you will be doing a TON of walking to see everything. This is not the place to “break in” new shoes. Trust me on this.  Hoverboards, Segways, skateboards, skates or scooters (either motorized or foot powered) are not allowed at SEMA Show for obvious reasons. But I’m not gonna lie, paying to use them was an option I would have shelled out for by Wednesday!  One thing that was new this year is the very cool Tesla Tunnels. Thanks Elon! Named “The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop”, these tunnels are only 1.5 miles long and facilitate Teslas to come pick you up or drop you off at three different locations. West Hall, Central Hall, and North Hall. The tunnels are really, really cool. They are also a nice break and the BEST way to get from the North Hall to the West Hall. (Note: The Vegas Loop is expanding to 29 miles and 51 stops. Some of those stops include hotels on the west side of the freeway which include Rio, Orleans, and Palms.) The Loop at the convention center was free. Hopefully that will continue to be the case when you stay within this loop.

What do you mean builders and companies pulled out of the show?? Well, they canceled last minute is what I mean. News spread like wildfire that the 2021 SEMA Show would pulling a first in SEMA Show history and would be open the public on Friday. What’s the big deal? Well, the SEMA Show is a closed event. You have to be IN the automotive industry to attend. See for details.  Now, I can say that I don’t know why some vendors decided to back out, specifically Milwaukee and GearWrench, but I can share that the rumors I heard about why builders pulled their cars from the show were specifically about the public being allowed in. Let me explain further why this is an issue. Have you ever been to a public car show and some cars have signs while others are physically roped off to say “Do not touch”? But then there’s “Ken the car aficionado” who just has to run his hand across the perfectly polished clear coat, whistles, and then tells no one in particular how much work it is to get that high shine but actually have absolutely no idea, not to mention that he just scratched the car with his belt  buckle as he leaned in to “just have a look around”. That guy. That guy is the reason why some builders don’t want their cars around the public. They just spent way too much time and hard work on their build to have some jackass come up and touch it, or worse, try to get in it (don’t act like you have never seen anyone do this at car shows. you know you have.). At the 2021 SEMA Show, I know several vehicles were damaged by the industry people at the show before they let the public in. I did speak  with a friend of mine with a very prominent vendor he said that aside from having to rope off the cars in their booth space, they would have to have an entirely different set of staff available for public verses who they use for the trade show. That makes sense to me. If you are a vendor at a public show, you’re going to want to have staff that are basically sales people compared to the designers and engineers that you would have at SEMA Show. 

The rumor is that SEMA is going to try to make the whole show open to the public which will kill vital networking opportunities for those in the field. What are my thoughts? Keep Ken out of SEMA.  Industry professionals don’t want his grimy person near their builds or at their booths.